What is needed is wealth – affluence. It isn’t just something we want – it is something we need. The world populations aren’t just expanding, they are exploding. Natural resources aren’t just diminishing, they are collapsing. We face poverty on a scale, in terms of severity and numbers bigger than ever before in human history. Never have a billion people lived under these ghastly conditions.

Jeffrey Sachs – The End of Poverty 1/3 – MyVideo

Jeffrey Sachs – The End of Poverty 2/3 – MyVideo

Jeffrey Sachs – The End of Poverty 3/3 – MyVideo

Listen to the slow, grinding nightmare Sachs paints – making a billion (or more) people in poverty slave and toil to escape this poverty. This is monstrous – but in the current paradigm he is right, this is the only way to do it. But there is a better way to do it. Increase the basic premise of industrial growth and we can bypass this nightmare. Introduce more energy and economic growth and hope and progress to the mix and you create the options to save people’s lives. Because what we see here before us is simply not acceptable. The solutions proposed, even if they make sense, are not enough. We can do better.