In my sordid past I played Dungeons & Dragons. And the last blurb of D&D I played was in 2002-2003 or so, with my old circle of friends. And it wasn’t just any D&D – think steampunk. Think steampunk in space…. thing steampunk in space in a totall D&D-ified Island-3 habitat. It was called ‘Void Dancers‘ šŸ™‚

Think – collapsed solar system civilization, an abandoned habitat and a medieval-magical steampunk (fire elementals in steam engines) world, where the people inside the habitat didn’t know they were in one. Back then I even made some art of the damn thing šŸ™‚

The basic idea was – in a magical solar system like ours long ago a civilization (somewhat reminiscient of the Dune empire) had left earth and settled space – Earth had experienced a magical ‘singularity’ and was now a celestial real ruled over my the various cosmological deities. All the planets and moons had been settled – and the gaseous planets had become the source of wickedness – Jupiter had become ‘the abbyss’, and Hell was situation on the moon Io.

The twin Habitats Bryghtwell and Stormhaven had been abandoned a thousand years ago. During an epidemic anyone over 6 died, and only children were left. Then, gradually, over the span of hundreds of years CO2 levels had started accumulating inside Bryghtwell, and had resulted in people being ‘dumbed down’ severely. The player characters in this campaign had discovered ‘the beneficial qualities on oxygen’ and through oxygen inhalation (which the highly conservative locals consistently labled ‘dangerous use of a narcotic’) they had restored a natural -4 penalty to intelligence and wisdom, and they had become able to piece together that the odd world they inhabitated was somehow ‘not normal’.

It was competely wondrous roleplaying setting and I had to quit it due to severe personal issues, somewhere around early 2004. I was very depressed at the time even though it wasn’t too obvious, and the campaign ended just as the PC’s were discovering that dragons lived in big nests along the axis of the Habitat, and the dragons had been using telepathic messages to coax the humans out all along :).